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1. Introduction

A privacy policy is a legal letter that covers the interest of the users of the website. It is valid between two parties; one is the user of the website and the other is the website provider.

The pointers of the privacy policy will help you understand everything about the statement. From now onwards “us” will represent “Mr.monk.co.in” and “users” will represent “website visitors and customers”.

The privacy policy has been designed and shared to spread awareness about our concerns regarding the personal information of the users. We are collecting information for general business purposes, there is no intention to harm users in any way. We are aware of the importance of privacy and have transparently shared all the necessary details to intimate users about the collection of information. The privacy policy between us and users has been discussed below:

2. Meaning of privacy of users

Privacy means the personal and confidential information about the user, such as name, age, e-mail address, registered contact number, registered address, marital status, political interest, credentials, etc. The protection of this key information is important to users and we recognize this need of our users. The information collected by us includes information related to your browser, present time zone, IP address, and other information through cookies. With gradual browsing performed by the user, we collect and save information about the searches user have made, the topics that have successfully engaged the user, the product and services checked by the user. These are default information collected by every website and are included in the general business of the website. It allows us to make the search of users more customized and show user results that are helpful for them.

In case, users wish to maintain privacy and are not willing to share the information mentioned above. They are advised to avoid our website and stop access to the website. The information collected cannot be stopped as it is a regular task of the website and it is created with such an in-built feature.

3. Measures are taken to protect the information

We are working closely with the team for saving your information from any unfavorable situation. To safeguard your personal information. We get easy access to the information but are aware of the integrity of such information. We have taken all the possible measures to maintain the privacy of our users. We have laid terms and conditions for the usage of the information and have designed a privacy policy to protect the same. We ensure our users; their personal information is not compromised with any third party to harm them or cause any sort of possible trouble.

In case of any compromise of information unintentionally, if we get awareness about such issue. We will take all the necessary actions and will inform the user about the same.

4. Kind of information collected from users

We collect basic information about our users. We just collecting the information related to your browser, present time zone, IP address, and other information through cookies. We will not collect any information such as a registered address, marital status, political interest, credentials, etc.

The basic information required by us is the name of the user, registered mobile number, and valid e-mail address. We require them to share the latest offers and to communicate important news. The information is kept with us and is not circulated for the promotion of any third party. We use your information for our promotion purpose on social media to represent our customers. No monetary benefit is attached to the same.

5. The requirement to collect and keep information of the user

Information is collected to carry out the regular business of our website. It is for marketing purposes. The main reason behind the collection is to provide customized searches to the users. The other reasons are:

5.1 To share important news articles and letters with our registered users.

5.2 For communicating wishes on national holidays, festivals, and important days.

5.3 To be able to communicate new deals and the latest offers on a timely basis.

5.4 For the promotion of our website on social media.

5.5 To be able to add our customers to the list of messages and e-mail list.

6. Obligation of user

After automatic acceptance of consent to collect information, the user has by default confirmed to not share, misuse, save, reproduce, copy, publish, upload, modify or display any information:

6.1 Belonging to a third party, some other person, institute, or any entity and you have no authority of using the information.

6.2 Financial or non-financial for any personal or professional benefit.

6.3 This is against the federation of our country and the land laws.

6.4 Hampering the rights of a minor.

6.5 That contains any type of malware or virus which is created to commit cyber fraud, unlawful activities, any activity to harm anybody in any manner.

6.6 Which damages, harms, detrimental or dishonor laws of our country

If any user is found doing any activity mentioned above, will attract legal actions. We are not taking responsibility for any actions or activities the user will commit.

7. Medium of collection of information

The moment the user lands on our landing page/main page, the information is collected without any pop-up. The consent is received automatically to collect information. The permission regarding cookies is popped up, it should be enabled to get a personalized and better experience of the website. The privacy policy shared above is a draft as per IT Act 2008 and covers all the applicable clauses of IT rules 2011. It is a valid legal document. The users above the age of eighteen years are considered valid users