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Details about document.

Terms and conditions are legally recognized documents that work towards the protection of the website owner and its users from any unwanted and avoidable situation. The document has been designed in a way to protect the user and the owner of the website. It share’s the disclaimer related to the usage of the website by the users. mrmonk.co.in is owned and controlled by Icivicfly info solutions Pvt Ltd. The terms and conditions laid down by us will be discussing the key areas about our services, information shared, tools offered to our customers, and users of the website. In the statement shared below “we”, “us", "our”, represents Mr.Monk, and “you” represents users of the website and customers.

Just by visiting our site, you have gained access to the services offered by us. You have automatically provided your consent to the terms and conditions. The minute you visit the website, terms, and conditions apply to you. Furthermore, in case you disagree with any clause or condition discussed ahead. Please do not access the website anymore. You can stop here. The below-mentioned conditions apply to every service provider and service receiver of our website.

Please read and understand the conditions discussed below. Each point and paragraph have a key area that has helped us frame this document in the interest of you and our website. The mode of accessing the website is irrelevant. The terms are applicable on every session of usage of services of website by the user

Periodic modification, new additions to the product list, and services offered by us will be covered under the terms and conditions shared here. Any changes as and when required will be made to the terms and conditions. There will be no intimation related to the same, you have to visit this page for observing the updates related to terms and conditions.

Online services offered by Mr. Monk

Services offered by us are shared on our service page. We have shared the best of our knowledge to describe our services. The online services are time-consuming, we always share the project time and can urge for extension in case of an unwanted situation. The project period is not a rigid time frame, but an idea of completing the project. Users are advised to be patient and cooperate when an extension is urged. Usually, we complete our projects within time, but unfavorable circumstances can encourage us to take an extension. It is rare and cooperation is expected from users.

Purchasing of products, pricing, and return policy

All the products offered by us are correctly priced. We have the policy to charge advance for the project. We will work on the project only after the advance is received by us. There are various legit modes available for payment and shared with us on the website page.

No advance money will be returned. We forfeit the advance on cancellation by the customer. Please be sure about associating and pay only when you are a hundred percent sure.

In case you have a price chart of a competitor, no discount will be offered by us. Our pricing is designed based on our business and budget. No bargaining is to be entertained. We have a fixed pricing policy as per the discussion conducted with you. We believe in transparency and encourage the same.

Points to remember

Certain points are to be remembered while accessing our website and seeking services from us.

  1. We have not been given access to any login id and a password feature out side of mrmonk.co.in & crm.mrmonk.co.in .
  2. There is no subscription fee charged. We have not charged any amount in the name of subscription fees.
  3. We are offering customer care service without any additional charges. We do not charge to solve your query.
  4. No promotional activities, quiz, game, lottery, gifts are given by us. Please report such spam mails or messages. They do not represent Mr. Monk.
  5. The price of shared services may differ due to market fluctuation. We often revise them as per market hike and even on an annual basis.
  6. All the margins and profit are included in the cost offered to you.
  7. We are conducting legit business and not involved in an unethical business.
  8. Speculative transactions or gambling are not encouraged by us. We are serving the services shared on the website.
  9. We do not operate through any other website under the name of Mr.Monk. This is the only website. Please contact us if you find anybody else conducting business under our brand name.
  10. We do not take responsibility for your actions, a monetary transaction that is failing at the end of the bank, and please contact the bank in such unfavorable conditions.
  11. Taxes wherever applicable, are deducted and submitted successfully to a government department. We do not withhold the money with us, collected from you as a tax.


  1. Products and services offered have a description, it is illustrative and does not cover all the points. For further details, contact us.
  2. No monetary compensation will be made for advances paid. Cancellation of service will not trigger any kind of refund.
  3. The services offered have competitive pricing and any further changes expected are separately chargeable.
  4. The warranty and guarantee period does not apply to our service. Hence, none of these are offered by us.
  5. Prepayment or advances are taken in good faith as a token for devoting time to your project. No bargain or exemption from such advances will be provided. Customers are advised not to discuss such topics.
  6. All the rights of the website are owned by us. The content shared on the website is included in the rights.

Please read all the terms and conditions carefully.